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Welcome to Stephanie Aramburo's
CD Release Party !

  Stephanie Aramburo, born and raised in Denver Colorado dreamed that some day she would be performing her original music to audiences everywhere in her future career.  She knew that it would take lots of hard work and dedication to success in the business, and that never concerned this young talent.

Starting at the young age of 13, with her first performance ever in front of a crowd of 60 people dancing to "Hello Again" by the Car at her Junior High School talent show.  Just the attention that was focused on her performance that day made her want more.  The following year Stephanie decided to perform for her Junior High school talent show once more.  This time she would sing and dance her way into the beginning of her successful career.  Singing for the first time to the song "Holiday" by Madonna, she was a hit.  People couldn't believe that Stephanie was actually that ever so popular song.  That was just the taste of confidence Stephanie needed to make her want to never give up entertainment.

Stephanie Aramburo's Autograph Session

  Junior High came and went and Steph was moving on to bigger and better things.  She took music classes to better her talent.  She looked for opportunities to sing when ever and as much as she could to be heard from the public.


Stephanie got her first solo opportunity her sophomore year at the Jazz fest in Greeley, Colorado.  When the time came for Stephanie's solo, the people in the audience realized that a promising future was instore for this girl.  Stephanie earned her first standing ovation that day.  The next two years Steph went on to Horizon to finish up her high school education.  Her junior year she sang couple solo's and sang the National Anthem for a few of the basketball games.

  Performances came and went.  During the period of Steph's school career she still managed to sing at weddings and some parties.  Stephanie's title in school was "The girl who could sing".  She was the first student ever to sign with the jazz band at Horizon.  The graduation time was near,  and one of her last performances with the school, she sang with her fellow students to end the year. Now it was time for Stephanie to move on to more professional jobs in her musical career.  Steph started writing music, lyrics, etc., while she attended High School, but not really thinking much of it.  She worked with a couple friends to help her put it all together and that gave her the confidence to start showing her work to others.  Some took her serious and some looked the other way, but that never discouraged her. 

Then she remembered that she met a man named Rob Case her senior year, but never really thought anything of it at the time.  Still keeping in touch with all of her connections from the past.
  Steph and Rob contacted each other through the holidays.  Steph went on to doing singing telegrams which led her to meet her first contact in the band world.  At least working band world.  She auditioned for a band named "Reaction", and got the job.  A few weeks later she was on the road.  Working the west coast anywhere from California, Washington, Illinois, Alaska, to Oklahoma, and no matter what happened with the band, she stuck it out through thick and thin.

Steph and Rob

Learning the life of a musician humbled this young lady, but changes were yet to come.  A former band member called from Las Vegas, Nevada asking Steph to audition for a group called "Capone", and asked how soon can you fly down?   Of course Stephanie jumped on the opportunity, gathered her earnings and flew down to Las Vegas.  It took one audition and she was hired.  Making arrangements to move from Colorado and to live in Vegas was exciting and a little scary for Stephanie, but not a hard decision.  At 20 years old, Stephanie was working on the strip with the talented band named "Capone".  The band had the pleasures of working at The Aladdin, The Sands, Circus Circus, Excalibur, and the MGM Grand.  They traveled very little, unlike Steph's first bands.  Now Steph could make more and improved contacts that would help her build her singing career.  "Life in the fast lane", Steph calls it or "The town that never sleeps".  Steph wondered if there wasn't more to singing in lounges and hotels, and she started to fell too settled in Vegas.

  Through the 6 years in Vegas, Steph worked along side with Sonny Turner from the Platters, Johnny Graham from Earth, Wind, Fire, A sit in at Mammoth, CA with Joe Sample and Patrice Zappa (Frank's sister), and the pleasures of meeting the temptations and Ray Charles along the way.  Stephanie still searched for more, and it was time to move on.  She left the band and moved back to Colorado with a fresh start.  She finally contacted Rob Case when she arrived.  Rob still had full intentions of helping this struggling musician achieve her dreams.  Song after song, Rob and Steph went through to find the perfect music  for the CD they had planned to record.   Finally, Steph was in  the studio recording her original music.  So many talented people worked hard on the CD, and all the hard work Stephanie had been through paid off.  Because of Rob Case, Stephanie has appeared in Music Connection (3) times, and so much more.  Her first CD's are being sold at Angelo's Music.

This is just the beginning of a successful career for Stephanie in the recording industry.  I know she will achieve all her goals and dream because she is not afraid to look success straight in the face. 



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